There are those that blog and those that don’t. I would posit that there are many more non-bloggers out there than the dedicated and diligent keyboard artists. Writing is for many an undiscovered joy and a challenging chore, when they are forced to record their thoughts on screen in print. Many owners of websites outsource all the boring bits to poorly paid writers, who are, often, located in the third world. Communication via the written word is, somehow, seen as arcane and not worth the effort. Which means that we have a lot of bad writing and poorly constructed sentences adorning the pages of the world wide web. However, despite this, blogging is the new medium for the essay.

More Writers Putting Forth Their Views on Things

Hands up how many people read essays for the pure joy of it? Who among you take delight in a well-constructed argument being presented in the written format? The essay allows time to consider situations and theses being put forward by a writer. A contention or proposition is on the table and the reader may examine if from a variety of angles. Blogging has allowed many more writers to put forward their views on things. The realm of ideas and opinions has been opened up to a much larger participating audience. Blogging is the new medium for the essay in the 21C.

Poring Over Countless Pages

Some have said that this brave new world invites reader to masticate on more diverse views, click here to check out dental blogging examples. By this they mean that there is a greater volume of ideas and opinions to explore via the essay writing, now, available online. Certainly, some considerable amount of this literature may be dross and detritus. There are fewer editors doing their thing in the blogging realm. Poring over countless pages and screens can be hard work but when you find an original idea well-presented in essay form it is like striking something precious.

I Learnt Much from Their Erudite Explorations

I do miss the talented writers who used to ply their trade in the great newspapers and journals of yesteryear. I learnt much from their erudite explorations. They were, however, a tiny elite subsection of our greater communities. Their views and influence could be bought by vested interests, like the newspaper magnates themselves. Intellectuals are rarely able to, truly, go it alone in life.