One of the most exciting applications of digital technology today is in the education sector. Here the digital classroom is breaking down geographic and economic barriers to the promulgation of learning throughout the world. In actual fact, the classroom itself, whether real or virtual, is an outdated and obsolete structure in the whole education paradigm. Classrooms were originally designed to hold many students and one teacher; the economics speak for themselves. Schools have always been as much about child minding as they have been really about teaching knowledge and skills to students.

Classrooms Becoming Obsolete

The classroom reduces every student within it to the lowest common denominator or the dumbest kid in the class. Classrooms full of students are, often, noisy and teachers, at times, battle to get their message across. Is this the ideal environment for learning sophisticated knowledge? Hardly, it results in students doing most of their studying as homework or not thriving, in general, within that learning environment. One to one tutoring is far more effective in imparting complex knowledge to the student. Technology has now created that application for students wherever they are located and for a fraction of the cost. Tertiary studies are moving online at a great rate, even, for those students who are physically attending the campus. Technology allows more to be done in shorter times.

Make Learning Fun Via Technology

One innovative use of digital technology in 2018 is  , here kids at school experience incursions involving teaching through digital filmmaking. Children and adults love the realm of movies and the media, so, these smart folks are bringing all their digital tricks to bear and teaching their participants at the same time. This is another example of breaking down the walls of the classroom and letting the world in via technology. We all know that boredom is the biggest killer of youthful attention and motivation, especially at school, and this makes learning fun.

Education Going Through a Digital Revolution

Education is going through its biggest revolution in its existence. Stuffy old arcane traditions need to be dumped and put out to pasture. It is time for new approaches to learning, which have never been tried before. Technology is making many things possible, which were never possible before. It is only outdated attitudes, which are holding this brave new world back. Let the digital learning space expand and explore its vast potential. Textbooks are gone. Virtual classrooms are flourishing. More one on one learning is possible.